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Find the most suitable career for yourself, with a complete psychology and aptitude test and connect with our experienced career consultants. It is by far, the most scientific, powerful & flexible personality test and a versatile career guidance tool.

Inspiring the Nxt Generation

GenNxt Foundation is a government recognized, professionally managed, progressive organization, founded with the support and guidance of senior academicians from IIT, IIM and JNU in the year 2007. Our vision is “to identify, encourage and nurture Leadership Skills and Academic Excellence in children.” GenNxt aims to spread awareness about the essential skills required for students to succeed in their lives, encouraging a healthy mix of studies as well as lateral thinking, logic, reasoning as well as communication skills.

Holistic Assessments

For students to reach their true potential, we partner with hundreds of schools, to offer various programs through competitions and workshops, related to academic skills, experiential learning, leadership development and much more.

Your voice matters most

In all programs we develop, and all new ones we start, the one thing we hold topmost in our thoughts, is You!

  • Inter School Olympiads

    GenNxt Foundation - Holistic Assessments

    I have taken all the Tests – ISO, GAAT and Vocabthalon, and found that they were very helpful in helping me benchmark myself against my peers from across the country and internationally. I also won an Apple MacBook Pro as the national winner, in my last attempt. – Aradhna Parmeswaran (Class 9 student)
  • Global Aptitude Assessment Test (GAAT)

    Me and My Career - Best Personality bases test

    I was very unsure about my career choices after school and therefore did not know whether I had chosen the right stream. But after having taken the Me & My Career Test, I am much clearer and confident about my options ahead. – Kiran Sharma (Class 11 student)
  • Vocabthalon

    GenNxt Foundation - Teacher Coordinators

    We organize the GenNxt Assessments at our school because we find them to be very relevant and helpful for all classes. While Inter School Olympics helps the junior section, the other Tests are extremely useful for the middle and senior classes. – Mrs Anjali Agrawal (School Teacher & Coordinator)

Me and My Career -

Me and My Career personality test
All parents, relatives and elders always asked me as a kid, what I wanted to be when I grew up! Honestly I never knew! I wish I could have had an insight into my personality then, so that the road could have been clearer. As a successful software engineer today, I realize that my personality is best suited for this, which makes me happy and satisfied with my job and life in general.

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